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Louisiana Swine Festival

The Louisiana Swine Festival has stolen the hearts of many surrounding areas around Basile, LA since 1966. It is Basile’s first and foremost cultural event celebrating ancestries of the swine industry in our local areas. The Louisiana Swine Association was founded in 1963 with the purpose of raising and selling feeder pigs in the Basile area. The association held pig sales every three months starting in the year of 1964. Being held in the Basile Town Park Recreation Building, now commonly referred to as the “Pig Barn”, the Association lured residents of the community along with tourists from all over the state of Louisiana, eventually leading to the establishment of the Louisiana Swine Festival. Since the closing of the sales in September of 1974, swine producing is no longer a major industry in Basile, but the culture of the industry has been kept alive for over 50 years.

Today, we honor our ancestors by educating and celebrating our cultural Cajun history, attracting over 8,000 people in the surrounding parishes throughout Southwest Louisiana. We as a community come together to reunite and bring back the heart of Basile during a three day event held once a year during the first week of November.

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