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Mamou Cajun Music Festival

In the early 1970's, some of the citizens of Mamou grew concerned that our culture was dying. These people felt that there was a need  to renew the communities interest in our culture, thus was born the Mamou  Cajun Day. In its beginning, some 20 or so volunteers presented this  festival, which was then sponsored by the Mamou Area Jaycees. In the early  1980's, this group
officially became the Mamou Cajun Music Festival.

On February 11, 1985, this organization gained its  non-profit status as a corporation based on the premise that we would  dedicate ourselves to the preservation of our Cajun culture and heritage  through our traditional
Cajun music.

Our organization takes pride in the fact that we have  been able to continue the traditions of our culture and have been able to  provide a platform for the many traditional Cajun musicians in our area, in  which they can gain exposure and compensation for their art. At the same  time, this event promotes the preservation of our culture by gaining the  interest of our children, the citizens of Mamou, and the many tourists who  visit our festival from all over the world.

All proceeds received are used to prepare and present  the next
annual festival to ensure our Cajun Culture lives on.

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